The five best places to live in the world, and why | Money | The Guardian

… I always think these ratings are amazingly stupid, even if they are supposed to be humorous. I would not mind if the author used the first person (i.e. the best places for ME in the world), but he uses the second and tells me where it would be best for ME. I kept reading the article in terms of social benefits, human rights, quality of life (for ME)  etc. and I only came up with one of his places after all. What do you think?

Here is the link to the article:


The five best places to live in the world, and why | Money | The Guardian.By

Tom Dychoff on the Guardian

“Bored with Blighty? Then why not up sticks and move somewhere else? Tom Dyckhoff spotlights five perfect places – from a surfer’s paradise in Hawaii to a bohemian rhapsody in Portland, Oregon”

About Ares

Ares Kalandides holds a PhD in Urban and Regional Studies from the National Technical University of Athens. He is the founder and CEO of Inpolis, an international consultancy based in Berlin, Germany and has implement several projects around the world. Ares teaches Urban Economics at the Technical University in Berlin and Metropolitan Studies at NYU Berlin.
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