Special Issue Journal of Place Management and Development Vol 5 No 1

From the Guest Editorial by Ares Kalandides, Mihalis Kavaratzis and Martin Boisen:

This is a special edition of the International Place Branding Conference series and the third special issue of the Journal of Place Management and Development dedicated to the conference. The two previous special issues have proven to be valuable reference points in recent place branding literature. Since the first International Place Branding Conference in Berlin in 2008, a particularly interesting tendency can be noted. In the beginning, the discussion had focused on the general discrepancies in place branding conceptualisations and approaches to its practical implementation. While, of course, these issues remain important and not entirely clarified, it seems that we are now ready to move towards a more elaborate discussion of partial issues. A certain amount of clarity and agreement has indeed been achieved. In this special issue a set of significant issues that affect the whole place branding endeavour are examined. The papers elaborate all of the conference’s themes: the roots and politics of place branding, analytical and assessment methodology as well as the relationship between culture and place branding….



1. Guest editorial: Special Edition of the Place Branding Conference: “Roots-Politics-Methods”

by Ares Kalandides, Mihalis Kavaratzis, Martin Boisen

2. ‘From “necessary evil” to necessity: stakeholders’ involvement in place branding’

by Kavaratzis Mihalis (pp. 7 – 19)

3. ‘Respect and the city: the mediating role of respect in citizen participation’

by Sebastian Zenker, Adrian Seigis (pp. 20 – 34)

4. ‘The politics of destination marketing: Assessing stakeholder interaction choice orientations toward a DMO formation, using the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument’

By Peter Atorough, Andrew Martin (pp. 35 – 55)

5. ‘Common or competing products? Towards supra-national branding in BaltMet Promo’

by Marcus Andersson, Malla Paajanen (pp. 56 – 69)

6. ‘Talking about art(s): A theoretical framework clarifying the association between culture and place branding’

by Marinda Scaramanga (pp. 70 – 80)

7. ‘Symbols and place identity: A semiotic approach to internal place branding – case study Bremen (Germany)’

by Andreas Mueller, Michael Schade (pp. 81 – 92)

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