Aguascalientes, Mexico: The Guessing Game

by Ares Kalandides

I must admit I like this short video clip despite the churches and crucifixes, which I generally find quite sinister. But the images are beautiful, it’s got rhythm and melody. My only problem is – I have no idea what place it’s about. Of course the opening sequence is straightforward and “Aguascalientes” appears on my screen (I am not illiterate), but I see no images in between that I can identify (or that  I could at least identify in the future). I would have guessed Mexico (though it could have been some other neighbouring central American country, too) and I am proven right in the end, but why is this advertizing for Aguascalientes? As a viewer you need something you can remember, something unique, something that sticks out. Nothing does, though the whole is rather well done. 

And then to be more honest, I do have a small issue with the content, too. If this place is as Catholic as this video tells me, I’d rather stay away. Especially if my only alternative to visiting the church is going to a cock-fight. Yes I know, advertizing has target groups and I have to simply accept that this place does not want me. What was its name again?



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1 Response to Aguascalientes, Mexico: The Guessing Game

  1. Agree with these comments – there is no call to action, placing of the destination geographically within Mexico, nor any web address from which to to find out more information.

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