Today: The launch of the new city marketing strategy for Bogotá

Invitation City Marketing Bogota

The launch of the new city marketing strategy for Bogotá will be presented today at 6:30. The document defines the vision:

“Bogota is a creative city which is being transformed for everybody’s progress. It is recognized as an emerging business centre; it is a tourist destination with great potential in business, events and conventions, with an avant-garde cultural agenda that brings together creative and educated talent, with dining and entertainment options; it is a place with good quality of life”*

“The marketing strategy aims to strengthen the capacity of Bogotá to attract foreign investment, tourism, events, talent and business opportunities, through international positioning that will highlight the attributes that distinguish the city.

City Marketing is a broad strategy: cities are becoming known through specific elements that create positive associations with them. Davos is known for its World Economic Forum. Bilbao is recognized by the Guggenheim Museum. Big cities like New York and London are known by a combination of attributes which together generate a positive image.

This project is based on the design of an articulated strategy that seeks to build positive associations between Bogota and several outstanding features. These associations are related to project formulation, public policy, advocacy programs, events and communication.

The goal is to make Bogota an international reference, an emerging centre of business and talent, of business tourism, the epicentre of culture, a city of creativity and sustainability”


*”Bogotá es una ciudad creativa que se transforma para el progreso de todos. Es reconocida como centro emergente de negocios, como destino turístico con un gran potencial en negocios, eventos y convenciones que cuenta con una agenda cultural de vanguardia, reúne un talento creativo y educado, ofrece alternativas gastronómicas y de entretenimiento, es un lugar para el buen vivir.

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