Announcement: Lecture on City Branding & Creative Cities

GSZBy Renard Teipelke

On the upcoming Saturday, May 28th, four experts for creative cities and industries are going to give lectures at the Georg Simmel Center for Metropolitan Studies / Humboldt University in Berlin (7pm-11pm; Unter den Linden 6, 10117 Berlin). The lecture section is titled “Poor but Sexy? – Creative Economy and Creative Industries in Berlin” and is part of the 11th Long Night of the Sciences – an event that attracts thousands of people to experience science and research in open lectures, workshops, experiments, tours, and exhibitions at 68 academic institutions in Berlin, Potsdam, and Wildau.

The section on Creative Industries at the Georg Simmel Center for Metropolitan Studies will begin with Ares Kalandides’ lecture “Berlin: City Branding of the Creative City” (7pm-8pm), followed by Klaus Kunzmann’s presentation “Creative City Berlin – Reality or Myth” (8pm-9pm). The third speaker will be Lech Suwala with his lecture “Charlottenburg – a ‘motor’ of innovation?” (9pm-10pm), and Dirk Hagen will give the fourth presentation “Roots of Creative Industries of Alternative Scenes in Berlin and Hamburg” (10pm-11pm).

In his presentation, Ares Kalandides will focus on the place branding aspect of the Creative City Berlin. He will introduce the concepts of images and identities of places and provide further insight into the relation between the perception of cities and the place branding efforts of city governments. Furthermore, Ares Kalandides will explain the limits of the “Be Berlin” campaign, discuss the role of creative industries in Germany’s capital, and show, with the help of two examples, how ‘industry’ and ‘creativity’ can be thought together and developed appropriately.

All lectures will be given in German.

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