Themes and subthemes for the Special Edition of the Place Branding Conference, 19th – 21st January 2012, in Utrecht, NL

by Ares Kalandides

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The scientific committee is happy to annouce the themes for the Special Edition of the International Place Branding Conference in Utrecht, 19th – 21st January, the Netherlands:

1.       The roots of place branding

a.       The history of place branding

b.      The interdisciplinary nature of place branding

c.       Contributions from other disciplines such as marketing, human geography, organizational studies, planning, political economy, semiotics etc.

d.      The relevance and significance of sub-fields such as destination branding, place-of-origin branding, public diplomacy etc.

2.       The politics of place branding

a.       Cooperation and competition between places

b.      Organizational aspects of place branding

c.       Stakeholder management

d.       Place branding and governance

e.       Citizen participation and conflicts

3.       Analytical methodologies for place branding

a.       Research methods for place branding

b.      Tools for analysis of the place’s current status

c.       Methods for identifying stakeholders and audiences

4.       Defining and measuring success

a.       Success criteria for place branding

b.      Assessing the effectiveness of the place branding process

c.       Measuring a successful place brand

d.      Measuring the impact of place branding tools (events, logos, advertising etc.)

5.       Place branding and culture

a.       The reciprocal relationship between culture and place branding

b.      The role of culture in place branding

c.       Promoting local culture through place branding

d.      Cultural events as a place branding tool

Should you have any comments, adjustments or themes you would like to see included, please contact Ares Kalandides from the scientific committee:

You can find the conference site on this blog, or simply follow the LINK.

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