Call for Papers: Place Branding in the Middle East

by Mareike Forßbohm

Tradition meets innovation. “The Middle East has always had a relevant role in world affairs. It is home to the first civilizations and where the establishment of the first city has been documented. […] The relevance of the Middle East in world affairs through the centuries was based on it being a centre of development and innovation. The modern numeric and the concept of zero are examples of important inventions that originated in the Middle East. […] The Middle East is home of the largest known oil reserves in the world its relevance in world affairs has substantially increased again”.(1)

This call of papers invites people to submit articles about the measure of place branding in the different countries and cities in the Middle East.

“We welcome empirical research, concept papers and study cases that cover the following topics:

  • Branding efforts undertaken by countries/regions/cities of the Middle East
  • Promotional activities developed to help the positioning of a country/region or city brand in the Middle East
  • Management activities to support brand strategy
  • Image of a country, region, or city of the Middle East
  • Influence of the brand Middle East in countries/regions/cities
  • Public Diplomacy efforts to enhance a country image in the Middle East” (2)

Submission deadline: 20th June 2011

Papers should be emailed as Word files to Dr. João R. Freire at

 More informations at the palgrave journal

(1) / (2)

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