Ireland Town- the first Social Game to promote a Country

by Mareike Forßbohm

On St. Patrick’s Day, the 17th March 2011, Tourism Ireland launched a new online game on Facebook, which is called Ireland Town. As the first national tourism board in the world to launch such a social game, Tourism Ireland intends to promote the island for holidaymakers with this game.

In Ireland Town, a player can build up his own town with pubs and farms, which is done with the help of a tour guide called Sally. The virtual guide helps players to discover the attractions of the island. There are 32 different destinations to explore and each one contains 9 exercises, in which players can gather points. By bus a player can explore the whole island and learn a lot about Ireland and its culture.

Mark Henry, Tourism Ireland’s Central Marketing Director, said: ‘This is a new platform for Tourism Ireland to engage potential holidaymakers around the world with the kind of experience that a holiday in Ireland offers them. It is a unique promotional tool and a first, as no other national tourist board had done this before. Tourism Ireland is constantly looking at innovative ways of reaching potential holidaymakers and we are increasingly using social media to do so, growing the online conversation about Ireland around the world. For those fans who may be planning to visit in 2011, this is certainly a different way to research their holiday.’ (1)

Ireland Town Video



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