Place Development and Local Economy in Berlin Neukölln


by Mareike Forßbohm

NEMONA – Network for fashion designers and seamstresses / tailors in Berlin-Neukölln

NeMona is a pilot project in the field of fashion and production in Berlin-Neukölln and it is aimed at fashion designers and seamstresses. The aim is to promote the partnership networking between these two groups for new sources of jobs and to develop business models.

NeMoNa will develop further the existing Fashion Network Neukölln in order to support and strengthen designers as future employers of seamstresses and tailors. On the other hand, seamstresses and tailors of Neukölln will be linked to the existing fashion network. This will lead to the launching of sustainable partnerships and relationships with designers while strengthening employment possibilities for the seamstresses and tailors.

The establishment and maintenance of the network depends on the implementation of concrete projects. Our long-term experience in networking shows that they work best in places where people work towards a common aim with visible milestone results. For instance, NeMoNa has clearly defined intermediate projects which hold the network together and involve short-term experiences of success.

The network will therefore develop common structures, such as the establishment of a showroom, joint participation in exhibitions and events, the establishment of a purchasing pool for fabrics or the development of local production in the immediate environment of the designers, which ensures a better quality of products.

NeMoNa also offers regular network meetings to share information, to collaborate with other networks or the exchange of qualifications (e.g. relevant industrial and commercial knowledge or specific knowledge of production based on  ecological aspects).

Up to the 30th of September 2013 NeMoNa will support young entrepreneurs and seamstresses to efficiently and qualitatively improve themselves, to find out future needs as well as to develop possible solutions in order to set up  a sustainable and independent network for fashion design and production.

The NeMoNa Website (only in German): NeMoNa

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