Hamburg – A Great City on a Great River

by Nils Grube

This movie by Kurt Wolfes is the English version of the film “Hamburg, mal ganz anders”. It was produced in 1969 and was played as supporting film for the movie “Love Story” (1971).

It is very interesting to observe what kind of image production permeates the movie. Besides presenting the many facettes of the city of Hamburg, it gives an impression of the then still contemporary ideas of  modernism: large residential developments in the city`s outskirts – like Osdorfer Born –  or new districts  of modern office buildings – the City West. Or just a particular way of life:

“In the offices of the big corporations, the order of the day is work! … Home is something like this:  In the greenbelt area on the outskirts of Hamburg”[5:25]

Compare this with the current discussions on reurbanization or gentrification: Times have changed. And they will. Allways!

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