History making history: Tarragona Candidature for the Mediterranean Olympics 2017

by Ares Kalandides

Inside consultures is the communication agency behind this spot for the candidature of the city of Tarragona for the XVIII Mediterranean Olympic Games in 2017.

The video itself is not bad at all. I just wonder, can anybody tell what city this is? Couldn’t it be practically almost any city in the Mediterranean if they had not named it? Why do communication experts make places all look the same? Why do places become more and more similar while looking for distinctiveness?

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1 Response to History making history: Tarragona Candidature for the Mediterranean Olympics 2017

  1. Ada Renedo says:

    Hi Ares,
    How are you?!

    So good to see you posting about my hometown! Eventhough I love the video since I am attached to the city, I definitely agree with you. Knowing the environment and the business atmosphere of the city, I am extremely surprised of the quality of the idea/video itself. However, the first thing I thought when I saw it was the lack of light in the video. I do recognise the places, of course, but I am not sure that outsiders can appreciate all the potential the city has and, as you mentioned, it could be any other city. The scenery is much more impressive with daylight and it would’ve been helpful when trying to really show the distinctiveness of the place (among other elements)

    Take care!

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