Prof. Cathy Parker’s comments on the Bogota conference

“…Well firstly the language of place branding, coming from branding and, therefore, focusses on the positive and the controllable. So it is conceptually ‘vacant’ when it comes to the ‘messy’ and often ‘crap’ bits of places, and also the importance of partnership and coordination in the orchestration of actions (Kavaratzis, 2008). It’s too easy for people in places, who are charged with the job of making places better, such as Mayors or “technocrats” to misunderstand place branding (as academics’ define it) and hire some consultants to come up with a “place brand strategy”, some short-term projects and a logo and strapline than tackle the issues that contribute to the development of a place. I know place branding academics will jump down my throat and say place branding is more strategic than this…..but I am sorry, but your academic interpretation is not the one being commodified. The practitioner presentations at this conference proved this…”

Check what Prof Cathy Parker has to see about the conference in her blog

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