Call for Papers: Interdisciplinary Symposium “Evaluation of urban spaces”

Evaluation of urban spaces –  Communicative practices and discursive arrangements in urban settings

« Bewertung urbaner Räume » Kommunikative Praxis und diskursive Arrangements in Einstellungen zur Stadt

Interdisciplinary Symposium by the Urban Space Research Network USRN and the Department of German Linguistics / Interdisciplinary Linguistics at the University of Bremen

Haus der Wissenschaft, University of Bremen

2.- 4. November 2011, Bremen Germany

Deadline for contributions: 31. March 2011

Conference language:  German

The symposium will address the complex issue of the evaluations of urban areas, including history of scientific issues in two areas:

1. Practice of the evaluation of urban space
The evaluation of urban areas includes declarative practice (names of places, everyday communication on the city, Linguistic Landscapes, etc.) as well as various representation formats (images, movies, mass media, literature, etc.) and different patterns of activity (marketing, tourism, protests, etc.). The symposium will provide examples of various types of evaluation practices and make accessible to an interdisciplinary discussion.

2. Resources for the evaluation of urban space
Assessment takes place selectively by different actors in relation of very different resources such as the concept of the inner city, the city as the mobility space, the city as cultural area, the city as a natural area, the city as  political or protest space. The question is which actors with their different ressources can be heard in public discurse of urban life. In this context, the analysis of actor networks is also of interest.

The impact of the symposium will thus be accurate knowledge of assessment practices and assessment resources for urban areas. These may be useful in further concrete political and scientific practice.

Call for Papers

Deadline for presentation proposals is 31 March 2011. Proposals should stating name, place, presentation title, discipline,  and e-mail and include an abstracts (max 2,000 characters).

Urban Space Research Network
University of Bremen

Fachbereich 10
D – 28359 Bremen

Prof. Dr. Ingo H. Warnke

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